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    What to do if your Emirates ID is lost?



    The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) issues the Emirates ID as an identification card (ICA). You need to understand this card’s importance of this card if you reside in the United Arab Emirates. It must be carried out at all times by all citizens and residents of the UAE. Here’s what you should do if you lose your Emirates ID while you’re in the UAE.

    STEPS that must be taken / Procedure

    If your Emirates ID is stolen, lost, or damaged you must take the steps listed below:


    You should go to the closest ICA Customer Happiness Center to report the incident as your first action. So that the center can deactivate the card right away, always carry a valid ID document with you. A duplicate of your lost Emirates ID card may be requested from the issuing authority. You must bring your old card along with your damaged card if you need to file a report.

    Here is what you need to bring as proof of identity to report the incident:

    • UAE nationals: A family book with your valid original passport
    • GCC nationals: Valid employment certificate or card, school registration certificate, valid marriage contract, commercial license, ownership contract, real estate lease or certificate of dependency
    • Expatriates: A valid passport with a stamped valid residency permit
    • Child (under 15): Parents have to provide the original birth certificate and a colored passport size photo (white background).


    As soon as you have reported the incident, you should apply for a replacement for your stolen Emirates ID. To finish the lost Emirates ID card replacement process, you must submit a form.

    The ICA Customer Happiness Centers sell application forms for replacing ID cards. For online forms, go to the ICA’s official website. Similar to that, you can submit the application form and continue with the request using the ICA UAE app.


    Here are the details of the replacement charges for a lost, stolen or damaged Emirates ID:

    • Fee for replacement: AED 300
    • Application fee via typing centre: AED 70 | Via eForm: AED 40

    You must submit the fees along with the application form. All UAE nationals, GCC nationalities, and expatriate residents are subject to these charges.


    The ICA will send you an SMS after you’ve requested a replacement ID card informing you of the submission of your application and the expected delivery date.

    The new Emirates ID is produced in two working days. If you have questions regarding your new Emirates ID card after getting an SMS notification from ICA, you can get in touch with Emirates Post. The company’s customer service line is 600-599-999.

    FAQS about lost Emirates ID

    What will I do if my Emirates ID is lost?
    In addition to the AED 70 application fee for typing centers or the AED 40 application fee for the eForm on the ICA website, the applicant must pay AED 300 for the replacement of a lost or damaged ID. All UAE nationals, GCC nationals, and expatriate residents are applicable to these fees.

    How long will it take to get a replacement Emirates ID?
    Within 48 hours the ID card will be issued from the time of submitting the replacement application. Those who applied for the express service will receive the ID card within 24 hours from the time they submit the replacement application.

    How can I get my lost Emirates ID online?

    How to apply online for Emirates ID Card replacement?

    1. Click on replace Emirates ID.
    2. Provide the documents required and pay the replacement fees.
    3. The card applicant will receive a text message on the registered mobile number.
    4. Once your application is submitted you will get a new Emirates ID in 48 hours maximum.

    How can I find my old Emirates ID number?

    Visit the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website: (the link is only available in the UAE). On the right side of the first page, there is a segment titled Check ID status menu option.

    Can I check my Emirates ID online?

    The good news is that checking your Emirates ID card status is easy and only takes a few clicks. Simply visit the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website:

    Can Emirates ID be tracked?

    Knowing how to track your ID status allows you to have complete information on the card process. Emirates id is the Official Identity Card of UAE, you can see more information about this in Emirates ID. The user can Track their Current Status or Details about the card using this service.


    You can contact the ICA at 600-522-222 for any enquiries or assistance regarding the replacement of lost Emirates ID cards.


    For an additional AED 150, you can use the express ID replacement service at ICA main’s Customer Happiness Centre.


    An Emirates ID customer service representative will contact you to tell you that your card has been recovered.


    Emirates ID is the identity proof for all UAE residents. Also, there are many other uses of the Emirates ID, from making airport immigration easy for UAE citizens and residents to processing medical insurance. Remember that the lost Emirates ID has to be deactivated immediately.


    Emirates ID holders can visit the nearest Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship branch to change their personal information. Updates to the Emirates ID must be reported at least one month before the effective date of the change.


    You can renew your Emirates ID online or visit the Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship (FAIC) service centres. The Customer Happiness Centres and the authorised typing centres in Dubai also offer these services.

    That concludes our guide on how to replace a lost Emirates ID. As per the latest update, you can get an e-version of your Emirates ID. While waiting for your physical card to arrive, you can use your electronic Emirates card.





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    Dubai is a place every travel junkie should visit, boasting world-class infrastructure, great attractions, shopping, desert safaris and many more. Ranked in the list of top 10 most visited cities in the world (according to Forbes), Dubai has something for everyone.



    You can experience cultural diversity here, thanks to the diverse nationalities of people who are living in Dubai as professionals or skilled workers. Here you will also get a chance to admire the architecture. Dubai is full of skyscrapers, artificial islands and its exciting nightlife here makes this city worth a visit. Dubai tourist visa is easy to apply and you can choose the most suitable option from various tourist visa types.


    Dubai offers two kinds of tourist visas:

    14-day Dubai tourist visa – With this Dubai visa, an individual can stay in the country for a maximum of 14 days. This visa is valid for two months. You can even get this visa on arrival in Dubai.

    30-day Dubai tourist visa– As the name suggests, this visa is valid for 30 days. Holders of the visa should complete their trip to Dubai within 60 days of the issue after which the visa will lapse. This Dubai visa can be extended up to a maximum of ten days which is subject to certain terms and conditions.

    Documents Required For The Visa Application

    • A passport, valid for a minimum of six months
    • Passport size photos
    • A copy of your completed and signed Dubai visa application form.
    • Details about your itinerary.
    • Proof of hotel bookings, flight bookings.
    • Copy of tour ticket.
    • A cover letter with all the required details about your itinerary.
    • Statement from your bank of the last six months to prove you have enough finances to fund your visit.
    • Address proof.
    • Letter from your sponsor who can be a friend or relative staying in Dubai.

    Before you apply for a Dubai visa, ensure that you meet the visa requirements, fill the application form, attach the required documents and pay the required fees.

    You can apply for your visit visa two months prior to your date of travel


    Dubai offers the Dubai tourist visa for many countries including India. The features and requirements for this visa on arrival include:

    Citizens holding a valid passport or

    • A visit visa issued by the government of USA
    • A green card issued by the government of USA
    • Residence visa issued by the UK government
    • Residence visa issued by the EU
    • The validity of the visa is for 14 days and it can be extended once
    • The applicant’s passport must be valid for 6 months or more
    • The fee for the visa is 100 Dirhams
    • The fee for a one-time extension of the entry permit is 250 Dirhams


    It is now possible to apply for a tourist e-Visa online for those wishing to visit Dubai. Here are the steps involved in the application process for Dubai tourist visa


    • Download the online form and ensure that all the information you enter on the form must be correct if you want to get your electronic visa on-time.
    • Provide your contact information, passport information, and email address, as well as any further supporting documents.
    • Pay the UAE e-Visa fees and check your inbox regularly for the unique confirmation number you’ll get once your payment goes through.
    • Wait for your tourist e-Visa to be approved, then print it out and bring it along with you on your trip.

    Y-Axis can help you with your Dubai tourist visa by filling out the e-visa application form and help you with the required documents that you need to submit with your online application form for the e-Visa.


    • Passport – All applicants must have a passport which will remain valid for at least another six months from the date of arrival in Dubai.
    • Scanned passport.
    • A digital photo-Make sure it has been taken in the last 6 months and meets the criteria.
    • A valid e-mail address.


    There aren’t many conditions to meet while applying for a Dubai visa. The first step is to fill out the form regardless of which visa type you are applying for.

    When filling out the visa application form, a few documents are needed. Here is the list of necessary documents required for a Dubai tourist visa:

    • Scanned copy of your passport.
    • Passport should be valid for six months from the date of travel.
    • Scanned copy of your colored ID Photo.
    • Color passport-size photograph with a white background.
    • Your application form may differ depending on who your sponsor is. However, before moving on to the rest of your application, be sure that you have a sponsor.

    If you have completed the first step successfully, you will proceed to phase two which will ask you to make the payment and revise your application for your Dubai visa.

    The final step will be to upload any additional documentation which can increase your visa chances.


    Do I need a Dubai tourist visa from India?

    To visit Dubai, all Indian passport holders must obtain a visa. Indians visiting the UAE for recreational activities, such as vacationing, sightseeing, or even brief family visits, should apply for a Dubai tourist visa. The type of Dubai visa you receive will be determined by factors such as your country, the purpose of your travel, and the length of your stay. Tourists with Indian passports who want to visit the UAE can apply for a Dubai visa online.

    Who can act as a sponsor for my tourist visa to Dubai?

    For a visit visa for Dubai, your sponsor will be any organization or person that will be responsible for you when in Dubai. This person or organization will be representing you before the authorities, if and when required.

    A sponsor for a Dubai visit visa can be either of the following –

    • A hotel or tourist company
    • Airlines and airline handlers
    • Relatives or friends already resident in the UAE
    • Other UAE-based organizations

    Are Indians eligible for a visa on arrival in Dubai?

    Indian citizens who have ordinary passports with EU residence permits, UK residence permits, US green cards, or US visas are eligible for the Dubai visa on arrival.

    In such circumstances, they can apply for entrance visas upon arrival which will be valid for 14 days, with the option to renew for a similar period of time.

    Required documents – an Indian passport and an EU residence permit, a UK residence permit, a US green card, or a US visa – must have a minimum validity of six months.

    How long will it take for the Dubai tourist visa to be processed?

    A tourist visa for Dubai can be expected to be processed in 4 to 5 working days. Due to the UAE’s weekend, there will be no Dubai visa services available on Fridays and Saturdays.

    What are the documents required for a Dubai tourist visa?

    To get a Dubai tourist visa, you will need the following documents:

    Scanned, colored copy of your passport
    Scanned colored photo with a white background
    A colored scanned copy of your pan card

    How long does it take to get a visa?

    For all nationalities, processing usually takes 2-4 working days. Visa processing (for all nationalities) will take longer since the UAE Immigration Office will demand additional documents to support the visa application.

    Can I still apply for a UAE visa if my passport expires soon?

    During your arrival and departure in the UAE, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months. You must renew your passport if it is less than 6 months old before applying for a UAE visa.

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