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    UAE: The Dh7 bus-on-demand service in Ajman has been discontinued indefinitely

    UAE: The Dh7 bus-on-demand service in Ajman has been discontinued indefinitely.



    Authorities said on Tuesday that the bus-on-demand (BOD) service in Ajman has been discontinued from June 4 until further notice. The Transport Authority’s BOD service, which operates minibuses from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., reduces commuter wait times and lessens traffic congestion. The bus’s itinerary is quickly determined based on service demands, and seats are reserved using an app.

    The commuter uses the AI-powered software to indicate where they are going and where they want to go; it then indicates the closest bus stop.

    Using the app, each passenger pays Dh7.A customer will be charged Dh4 for each extra person, up to a maximum of four, if they are ordering the service for more than one. There will be a brief outage of this service. “Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,” the Ajman Transport Authority stated.


    School Bus Driver; Age 55 Ajman

    Ajman: The Ajman Public Transport and License Department has restricted the age limit to 55 years to become a school bus driver. Earlier permission was given upto 60 years of age. 620 school buses were issued permits in the emirate this year.



    Out of this, 276 buses are allowed to operate within the emirate and 344 vehicles outside the emirate. There is an increase of 11.94 percent in the total number of school buses. With the increase in buses, the number of employees including supervisors also increased. The increase in the number of bus employees is 45.99 percent.

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    Ajman: Thumbay Group to launch region’s first online healthcare education platform, HEALTHVARSITY

    Ajman(Press Release): Founded by Dr. Thumbay Moideen in 1997, Thumbay Group is a diversified international business conglomerate with its core business in Education, Healthcare, Medical Research, Thumbay Group is committed to provide quality education and care to the community. Thumbay Group’s pioneering role in the region has led UAE as a regional hub of futuristic medical education, state-of-the-art healthcare, and cutting-edge research, creating a mark in the global map.



    Healthvarsity is all geared up to be the number one learning platform in the region providing quality online medical education to doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals andhealthcare students who wish to peruse health professions education and join the army of frontline heroes. The platform will provide over 200 and more courses and on completion the users will be awarded certificates on block chain to maintain security and authenticity of the courses completed.

    The Healthvarsity is poised to offer niche programs in Autism, Mental Health, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) including many others from leading organizations across the globe. The Healthvarsity is planned to have a major launch in Nov. / Dec. 2022.

    The platform will provide sections for mentors to help students, section for hospitals and institutes to have employee training portal access to improve their performance. The courses will be categorized in three levels:basic, intermediate and advanced level. The user can learn remotely at his own pace and complete the course at ease, using advance learning technologies.

    The platform will use AI for student analytics, course analytics and engagement analysis to provide a better experience to the user and have better learning outcomes. Provision of courses using AR/VR and metaverse technologies is also in in the road map sketched by a team of technology specialists,doctors and health professionals working invarious hospital after analyzing the problems they face and provide hands-on solution.

    The main features of the portal will include Course Catalog, Job Portal, Instructors Catalog, Partner Listing, Become an instructor, CO-Branded portal for Corporates. Coaching Section for Entrance Exams, Blog Section for Articles, take one to one class, select a Teacher for a particular course, University Section for Universities to Market Their Courses.

    Speaking about the initiative, Dr. ThumbayMoideen, the Founder president of Thumbay Group, said, “We are very excited to build this platform as we hope to bridge the learning gapfor healthcare professionals and create borderless learning experience of the future for learners. We wish to establish as leaders in the EdTech domain.”

    The selection and quality of courses will be managed by a senior professional team of doctors, nurses and renowned medical education professionals. In addition, these courses will cover all specialty and domains of healthcare educations including sections to take mock exams and entrance tests.

    Vignesh Unadkat,Acting COO of Healthvarsity,Said: We are very excited to be a part of a project that will bring technology to the healthcare professionals at their fingertips and provide a better learning experience.

    HealthVarsity is a registered and licensed online healthcare course provider company that will be based in Ireland. It aims to bring an innovative way of providing education which includes a model of bringing interactive education at the hospital, clinic, office, and home or simply wherever you are! It has the advantages of avoiding travel, saving time, accessibility to excellent teachers, and constant evaluation through online tests.

    The initiative, furthermore, endeavours to empower doctors, students, nurses, and the pharma industry with accurate and updated knowledge. Healthvarsity is a client – focused and result driven online healthcare course provider that shall cater to broad- based services at an affordable fee. Healthvarsity is also keen to explore tie-ups with government entities like DHA – Dubai, DOH – Abu Dhabi, EHS – UAE, MOH – UAE among other Healthcare Bodies mainly for training of their Healthcare Professionals.

    Healthvarsity welcomes participation from private equity fundsto join hands in this innovative venture.

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    How do I get Ajman free zone visa?



    Ajman Free Zone is one of the oldest and best-known free zones within the UAE. It’s situated in the Emirate of Ajman about 40 minutes drive from Dubai.

    This zone is located adjacent to a sea port and welcomes any businesses: starting from freelancers, ending with light manufacturing and trading companies.

    As opposed to business setup in Dubai, Ajman Free Zone company setup is attractive to those who start a new business from scratch due to its competitive fees for young entrepreneurs and multiple installment payment plans.


    Ajman Free Zone Authority always has the following facilities on the list:

    – Flexi–desks – available without monthly time limits
    – Offices
    – Warehouses

    Flexi-desks and offices can be either located within the free zone headquarters or in a separate tower nearby.

    The warehouses complex has significantly grown and covers all the area around Ajman Sea Port.

    Customs and Immigration office are just across the road from Ajman Free Zone.


    Activities for Ajman Free Zone company formation are divided into traditional 3 groups:

    – Trading
    – Service
    – Industrial

    On top of that, in 2019 AFZ introduced a category of Freelance permit, which allows having a license and a 3 year visa for the most reasonable costs.

    AFZ allows having either 1 service activity or 3 trading activities in the licence. Increase is not possible even for an extra payment.


    Business setup in Ajman starts from as low as 5,000 AED per license. This package is designed for young businessmen from 20 to 30 years old. It is a great opportunity to have a low cost license and explore the UAE market.

    Other packages’ fees depend on visa allocations and business activities. The lowest cost is 13,535 AED for the license from trading category eligible for 1 visa.

    Lowest business setup cost in Ajman, per license (AED):

    Pioneer package (20-30 years old owners) 5,000
    Freelance package 6,000
    Trading package eligible for 1 visa 13,535
    Service package eligible for 1 visa 16,135

    If you are planning to open resident visas under the company, extra fees for immigration will apply:

    – E-channel deposit 5,000 AED
    – E-channel registration fee 2,100 AED
    – Visa, Medical checkup and Emirates ID 2,800 AED


    AFZ is the only free zone in the UAE which officially offers multiple installments payment option. You can pay for the company by 2, 3 or 6 installments.

    There are certain conditions set by Ajman free zone authority to be met. Most important one – the payment should be provided by post-dated checks from a UAE bank. So if you go for 3 installments for Ajman free zone license, you can pay the initial one by cash and provide the remaining payments by 2 checks on the day of application for the company.

    If you come from abroad, of course you won’t have any checks from a UAE bank. In this case you can use the checks of a friend or a relative, for example. But AFZ will ask him to sign a no objection letter to use his checkbook. Apart from that, you need to provide past 3 months bank statement as proof of funds.

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