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    Neymar apologized to his pregnant girlfriend

    Neymar’s girl friend Bruna Biancardi



    Neymar apologized to his pregnant girlfriend

    I want you to be a part of our lives.
    Bruna, I have already apologized for my mistakes and unnecessary controversies.

    Neymar, the star player of the Brazilian football team, has apologized to his pregnant girlfriend. He shared this on his social media page about his personal life. Neymar, 31, has described his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi as the woman of his dreams.

    Regarding this, he said:-

    I am doing this for you and your family. I don’t know if this will solve the problems. But I’m sure I’d like to try. Our need, our love for our child will prevail. The love we both have for each other strengthens us.

    I want you to be a part of our lives. Besides, I know how much the news about you hurt you and how much you suffered. I support you in this situation.

    I have made many mistakes on and off the field. I hesitate to apologize everyday for my mistakes. I can correct my mistakes only in my solitude at home, family and friends.

    All this has greatly affected the most important person in my life. This included the woman I wanted to travel with me, the mother of my child. This has hurt my family.

    She recently got pregnant and started her happy period. Bruna, I have already apologized for my mistakes and unnecessary controversies. I think we should speak in public for this. If a private matter comes out in public, an apology should also be made in public.

    He had said this in it. Support for Neymar’s post is pouring in. Within hours of her posting, 7 million fans registered their support.

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    Celeb News

    Big Birthday Surprise! Mammootty

    Big Birthday Surprise! Mammootty



    Happy birthday-mammootty

    Mammootty has shared this picture on Facebook and Instagram by writing ‘Tushe’.

    It is a word used to compliment an opponent’s move in fencing. But director Martin Prakkat, celebrity photographer Shani Shaki and a brand have been tagged along with the film. Due to this, everyone has doubts.

    Many people have asked in the comments below the picture whether it is the new movie directed by Martin Prakat or the still of the brand’s advertisement. Anyway, on the eve of the birthday, this look has become the talk of the town on social media.

    Like every year on the occasion of Mammootty’s birthday, blood donation is being done all over the world under the leadership of fan associations. Mammootty Fans and Welfare Association has informed the media that as part of the campaign that started on September 1, 7,000 blood donations have already been done.

    Around the world, 25,000 blood donations are made on the occasion of the birthday. Also, the trailer of Mammootty’s new movie ‘Kannur Skodi’ is out today. There is also a rumor among fans that there will be updates of Big B’s second part ‘Bilali’ and Brahma Yuga. In any case, fans are celebrating the fencing look shared by their favorite actor on the occasion of his birthday.

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    Adhila Noora ; Flaunting Our Love Louder Than Society’s Whispers

    Adhila Noora ; Flaunting Our Love Louder Than Society’s Whispers



    Adhila Noora Birthday special Photoshoot Photos


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    Jailer Villain Vinayakan Salary

    Too Less For Such A Brilliant Performer



    Jailer Villain Vinayakan Salary LEAKED: Salary details of Malayalam actor Vinayakan who played the terrific Villain Varman character in Superstar Rajinikanth’s Jailer is leaked on social media.

    Malayalam Actor Vinayakan

    Jailer has turned as Rajinikanth’s massive comeback film. Directed by Nelson Dilipkumar, the film Jailer was released on August 10. Due to the success of the film Jailer, all the actors who performed well in the film have been praised by netizens. Malayalam actor Vinayakan is the one who got the most attention from Jailer.

    Vinayakan played the character of menacing Villain Varman in Jailer. Vinayakan lived as a real villain in the film as he spoke Tamil mixed with Malayalam along with an amazing body language. Actor Rajinikanth marveled at Vinayakan’s performance and praised him at the Jailer audio launch. Vinayakan had shown such an extraordinary performance in the film. Although he had previously acted in Tamil films such as Thimiru and Mariyaan, Jailer is the film that perfectly fueled his acting.

    Too Less For A Brilliant Performer

    In such a situation, information about the salary received by Vinayakan for playing the villain in Jailer has been revealed. Accordingly, it is said that he has been paid only Rs. 35 lakh as salary. While Mohanlal, who acted in a cameo role of just 5 minutes in the film Jailer, received a salary of Rs. 8 crore, the information that Vinayakan, who appeared in the film, was paid only Rs. 35 lakh, has shocked the fans. However, after the success of Jailer, Vinayakan’s market has skyrocketed. It will not be surprising if he gets a salary of Rs 1 crore for the next films he commits to.

    Netizens are commenting their opinion on social media after knowing the information of Vinayakans’ Jailer salary. One of them said, “Too less for such a brilliant performer who already proved his mettle in so many amazing Malayalam films.”

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