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    Use nol Cards for Dubai Travel

    nol card is a contactless plastic smart card or virtual card, and the only payment method accepted in public transportation in Dubai. It can also be used for payments at retail stores or for any other uses stipulated by RTA.nol Pass is a service targeting bus riders who don’t own a nol card or ticket or don’t have a sufficient nol balance, enabling them to pay for their bus ticket through SMS for a time not exceeding 3 hours. Transaction fees are deducted from their phone credit.




    All nol card or ticket holders (physical and virtual cards) are eligible to benefit from this service

    Required documents

    Anonymous, Registered, Personal or Virtual nol cards, or nol Red Ticket (for Metro, Tram and Bus only).

    Service fees

    No fees apply when using nol cards.No fees to check the micropayment locations.
    nol Pass: 10.53 AED including VAT for issuing the ticket.

    Process time


    Ways to Apply

    Customer Happiness Centres (Fast Process)

    Customer Happiness Centre – Umm RamoolCustomer Happiness Centre – Al ManarahCustomer Happiness Centre – Al Twar

    Public Transport Stations

    MetroTram, Buses, Dubai ferry, TaxiPaid Parking Meters.

    Micropayment Locations

    Micropayment Locations

    Gas Stations

    Enoc gas stations, Epco gas stations


    nol Pass

    Table of Contents

    Service Details


    The customer uses the nol card to pay the fare of the requested service.

    nol Pass

    • The customer sends “nolpass” to 7704.
    • The customer receives a confirmation message with the ticket number stating that it is valid for 3 hours.
    • The transaction fee is deducted from the customer’s phone credit.
    • 15 minutes before the ticket expires, a reminder message is sent to the customer, allowing him to extend his ticket validity for an additional 3 hours if he replies with “Y”.


    nol Cards: 5 yearsnol Red Ticket: 90 days or 10 trips.nol Pass: 3 hours.

    What you will get

    Using nol cards for payments.

    nol Pass: A confirmation message with an identification code to be used as a ticket.Map showing nol card micropayments locations.

    Terms and conditions

    • For customers using public transportation, a minimum card balance of 7.50 AED is required.
    • No minimum card balance is required for customers using their cards at the retail shops.
    • nol card is used in public gardens and museums for access only.
    • nol card is used at Epco and Enoc gas stations for gas filling only.
    • The virtual nol card is available through nol Pay, only on compatible Huawei phones and through the wallet of Huawei watch 3 and 3 Pro.
    • The customer can purchase and manage his virtual nol card on compatible Huawei phones and through the wallet of Huawei watch 3 and 3 Pro only.
    • nol Pay Application is available on smart mobile phones with NFC feature (Android and IOS).
    • Physical nol card holders can benefit from some nol services on their physical nol cards through nol Pay application.
    • Passengers can use the valid ticket for an unlimited number of bus trips within its validity period of 3 hours.nol Red Ticket can only be used on the Bus, Tram and Metro.
    • The customer can check the micropayment locations on both RTA website and nol pay app.


    Question 1: What are the features of nol cards?Answer 1: The features of nol cards are:

    Easy to get.
    Easy to use and top up.
    The customer can use it for Dubai Metro, public Bus, Dubai Water Bus and RTA paid parking.
    Automatically calculates the cost of the trip and deducts it from the customer’s balance.
    Low fare and easy transport through the different means of transportation.

    • Question 2: Where and how to use nol cards?

    Answer 2:

    • Transportation Usage:

    Metro: nol cards should be tapped on the card reader at the Metro gates before going in and out of the station.
    Tram: nol cards should be tapped on the card reader machine prior to boarding and after getting-off the train.
    Bus: nol cards must be tapped on the bus validator before boarding and alighting the Bus.
    Parking: nol cards must be inserted in RTA parking meter machines to pay and get a ticket. Virtual nol cards cannot be used on parking meter machines.

    • Non-Transport Usage:
      • Parks and Museums: nol card must be tapped on the card reader machine located at the entrance gates.
      • Micro-Payment: nol cards can be used as a payment method at the authorised sales agents by tapping the card on the card reader.

    nol Pass

    • Question 3: What happens if the customer exceeded the allowed time while he was still on the bus?

    Answer 3: He will be subject to a fine of 200 AED, excluding fees, if a valid message was not shown during inspection.

    • Question 4: What can the customer do if he gets a fine?

    Answer 4: The customer can pay the fine immediately on the Bus or visit Al KifafUmm Ramool or Al Manarah Customer Service Centers or Al Qusais Bus Station to pay it.

    • Question 5: What is the process to dispute the fine?

    Answer 5: The customer can dispute fines through RTA Website only.

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    Nol Card

    How to recharge / top up NOL card? Procedure, Requirements

    nol card Recharge



    Recharge your nol card-dxb-deal

    How to recharge / top up NOL card online?

    Steps to top up online

    1. Visit

    2. Enter your nol tag ID

    3. Select the amount. You can select from 30 AED

    4. Confirm the amount and pay online

    5. It will redirect to dubai pay payment channel -Nol Top Up Portal

    6. Select the method of payment (You can pay using credit card / net banking / noqodi)

    7. Pay the amount and your recharge / top up is done.

    What is the minimum and maximum balance you can recharge / top up nol card?

    • Minimum balance is 7.5 AED and the maximum balance to recharge nol is up to 5000 AED depends upon your card.

    How to recharge NOL card at Metro station / Bus stations / Bus stops?

    You can find nol ticket vending machine in every metro station, bus stations and main bus stops in Dubai where you can recharge your card or monthly passes in nol vending machine.

    1. Place your card on the machine which will show the current balance, card type.
    2. Select the amount (Keep the exact change as the machine do not return the balance)
    3. Card payment is available to recharge nol card.
    4. Once the payment is done, “Print receipt” screen will come to make sure to complete the nol recharge.
    5. Do not take the card until you see the “Print receipt” screen.

    How to Top up / Recharge Nol card through S’hail App?

    Check the above link to know how to use S’hail app and the procedure to recharge / top up through S’hail application step by step.

    How to Top up / Recharge your nol card using noqodi Dubai? Procedure, Requirements

    Check the above link to know the procedure to recharge / top up through noqodi step by step.

    How and where to activate your nol card outstanding balance?

    Customers can activate the outstanding balance at

    • any parking machines which is connected to the internet
    • metro gates
    • Once the procedure is done, balance will be activated in 45 minutes to 4 hours.

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    Bus Route

    F26 Bus Route in Dubai – Time Schedule, Stops

    F26 Bus Route in Dubai



    Dubai Bus number 61D stops at the below bus stops:

    Dubai RTA Bus no: F26 runs between Noor Bank Metro Station and FGB Metro Station.

    Dubai Bus number F26 stops at the below bus stops:

    To Equiti Metro Bus Stop Landside st.

    • Al Safa Terminus
    • Al Safa Landside Metro Bus stop
    • Emirates Gas Factory
    • Honda, Training Center 2
    • Honda, Training Center 1
    • Al Quoz, Bus Station B4
    • Queen Palace Factory 1
    • Masaood Bergum Construction
    • Berger Paints
    • Tela’a Tech Industrial
    • Speedwell Decor
    • Ahmadya Cont., Labour Camp 1
    • Qumaish Cont, Labour Camp 2
    • Quoz, Industrial Area 3 Terminus
    • Hilton Jumeirah Hotel, Accomodation
    • Al Quoz Depot 1
    • Al Quoz, Al Habtoor Engineering 1
    • Al Quoz, Al Qeaim Public Kitchen 1
    • Quoz, T. Choithram Stores 2
    • Al Quoz, Emirates Glass 2
    • Quoz, Al Shamsi Steel Manufacturing Co
    • Al Quoz Mall 1
    • ETA Profiles
    • ETA SwitchGear Manufacturing 1
    • Al Quoz, Dubai Center Driving School 2
    • Quoz, Azzani Ready Mix 2
    • Quoz, Cemex RMC Topmix 2
    • Quoz, Gargash
    • Quoz, Nabooda Cars
    • Quoz, Ikea Stores
    • Quoz, Falaknaz
    • Gold & Diamond Park
    • Equiti Metro Bus Stop Landside

    To Al Safa Terminus st.

    • Equiti Metro Bus Stop Landside
    • Gold & Diamond Park
    • Quoz, Falaknaz
    • Quoz, Ikea Stores
    • Quoz, Nabooda Cars
    • Quoz, Gargash
    • Quoz, Cemex RMC Topmix 1
    • Quoz, Azzani Ready Mix 1
    • Al Quoz, Dubai Center Driving School 1
    • Classic Crystal 1
    • ETA SwitchGear Manufacturing 2
    • ETA Profiles
    • Al Quoz Mall 2
    • Quoz, Al Shamsi Steel Manufacturing Co
    • Al Quoz, Emirates Glass 1
    • Quoz, T. Choithram Stores 1
    • Al Quoz, Al Qeaim Public Kitchen 2
    • Al Quoz, Al Habtoor Engineering 2
    • Habtoor Equipment Corporation 1
    • National Cement Corporation, Staff Accomodation
    • 7 Up Staff Accommodation
    • Qumaish Cont, Labour Camp 1
    • Ahmadya Cont., Labour Camp 2
    • Speedwell Decor
    • Al Quoz, Bus Station 8
    • Queen Palace Factory 1
    • Galadari Printing & Publishing 1
    • Al Safa Landside Metro Bus stop
    • Al Safa Terminus

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    Bus Route

    61D Bus Route in Dubai – Time Schedule, Stops

    Dubai RTA Bus no: 61D runs between Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and Nad Al Shiba Clinic.



    Dubai Bus number 61D stops at the below bus stops:

    Dubai Bus number 61D stops at the below bus stops:

    • Ghubaiba Bus Station M
    • Falcon Intersection
    • Raffa
    • Rolla
    • Al Fahidi Metro Bus Stop A
    • Four Point Sheraton Hotel
    • BurJuman Metro Bus Stop A
    • BurJuman Metro Bus Stop C
    • Broadcast Interchange
    • Oud Metha Metro Bus Stop
    • Oud Metha Road 1
    • Oud Metha Road 2
    • Wafi City 1
    • Qateyat, Intersection
    • Oud Metha Road, Emarat Petrol Station
    • Nad Al Shiba, Clinic

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