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    Best places to visit this summer 2018



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    Details about Snow Cinema by VOX Cinemas in Dubai



    Dubai’s Snow Cinema is the first winter wonderland movie experience in the UAE.

    It becomes increasingly difficult to participate in outdoor activities in Dubai as the temperature rises every day. Snow Cinema is coming back to Dubai this summer to provide you with some relief from the sweltering heat and a much-needed break from the monotony of everyday life. The Snow Cinema promises to provide a distinctive and immersive cinematic experience right from the snowy slopes of Ski Dubai with an impressive film lineup.


    The first snow movie theater in the UAE is a collaboration between Ski Dubai and VOX Cinemas. In a cozy, separated lounge setting with a blanket for added comfort, watch the newest blockbusters on the big screen. Put your wireless headset on, select the 90.7 frequency, and set the volume to your liking to enjoy the movie.

    It makes sense that people would turn to Snow Cinema in the Mall of the Emirates as a popular summer activity to beat the heat. Purchase a Snow Cinema in Dubai ticket for two people that includes two bowls of freshly popped popcorn and two of their signature hot chocolates in either plain or peppermint flavors.

    Order directly from the North 28’s extensive menu for additional snacks and drinks to enjoy a meal at your seat. Enjoy roasted baby potatoes with raclette, hotdogs, or hamburgers on top. You need something to sate your desire for sweets. There are some incredibly rich pies and mouthwatering Dutch pancakes available.


    The Snow Cinema at Ski Dubai tickets come at varying prices. Choose from three amazing packages – here’s the information about each package:

    Snow Cinema+ Penguin EncounterAED 280
    Snow Cinema (2 guests)AED 200
    Snow Cinema (3 guests)AED 300
    Snow Cinema + Snow Park (2 guests)AED 470
    Snow Cinema + Snow Park (3 guests)AED 705

    The Snow Cinema movie tickets include:

    • 1 hot chocolate
    • Fleece gloves
    • Wireless headphones
    • Dedicated locker
    • Outfit/equipment rental
    • VOX Cinemas’ signature popcorn


    The timings for movie screenings at Snow Cinema vary. If you would like to visit Ski Dubai and enjoy a daytime show then you can book the cinema’s 1pm slot. However, if you’re looking for later in the day, there are showtimes available after 4 pm.


    Catch these flicks at the VOX Snow Cinemas in the Mall of the Emirates:

    • Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard
    • The Journey
    • Peter Rabbit 2: Rabbit On The Run
    • Lassie Come Home
    • A Quiet Place II


    How much is the ticket for snow cinema in Dubai?

    What does snow cinema mean?

    Is food allowed in Vox cinema?

    Which Theatre is best in UAE?

    What is the snow cinema Dubai location?

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    The Landmark Group’s “Shukran” Rewards Program: Everything you need to know



    The Shukran Rewards Program was developed by the Landmark Group and features several brands located in the Arabian Gulf, Jordan, and Egypt. With more than 10 million subscribers, the Shukran Program has grown to be one of the biggest loyalty programs in the Middle East thanks to brands like Max, Centrepoint, Splash, and other business partners.

    How to register for the Shukran program?

    The Shukran program offers three ways to sign up:

    1. Go to one of the Landmark Group’s stores and ask for a registration form so that the card can be issued there directly,

    2. Online enrollment through the business’ website, Here is the registration page.

    3. Download the “Shukran” application and register to get a membership number and an electronic card. Download the software here.

    Tiers of Shukran Membership:

    Silver membership: When a customer joins the program, they are automatically enrolled in this level of membership.

    The highest membership level available to customers within this program is Gold Membership. Customers in this tier receive exclusive invitations to events hosted by the Landmark Group and others, as well as 1.5 times the points earned by Silver Membership customers.

    How to earn Shukrans?

    Customers who shop at one of the brands owned by the Landmark Group earn “Shukrans,” which are points or money. Earnings are based on the brand itself, the time of year when sales occur, and the price after deducting taxes. Here is a calculator for shukrans.

    Notably, Shukran is one of the few programs that enable users to accrue points throughout the sales period.

    Earnings from Landmark Group brands in Shukrans points:

    BrandPoints earned from every 5 SAR spentPoints earned for every 5 SAR spent during sales
    Iconic2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Splash2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Shoexpress1 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    centrepoint2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Zafran1 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Carpisa2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Koton2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Max1 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Homecentre2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Homebox1 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Le Confort2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Nandos1 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Babyshop2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Lifestyle2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Funky Fish2 Shukrans1 Shukrans
    Bossini2 Shukrans1 Shukrans

    Earn Shukrans from collaborators

    Customers can also accrue shukrans by making purchases from program partners, as shown in the following table:

    PartnerAmount SpentShukrans earned 
    Careem5 SAR2 Shukrans
    Clear Trip2 USD1 Shukrans
    AnghamiAnnual Subscription5 % of subscription fees
    StarzplayOne-time upon Subscription1000 Shukrans
    JoyalukkasDiamond PurchaseGold Purchase2% of the total transaction0.5% of the total transaction

    Transfer points to your Shukran account from another rewards program

    Customers can add points from various reward programs that partner with Shukran to their accounts, including

    Banque Saudi Fransi’s Jana Rewards Program – Find out more specifics about the program.

    Every five membership rewards in the American Express Membership Rewards Program equals two shukrans.

    Neqati Rewards Program from Mobily as long as there are at least 4000 points in the account. read about the Mobily “Neqaty” rewards program.

    Every 6000 points equal 1000 Shukrans in the Lak program from the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia. Find more information about the program here.

    The program also gives Shukran members the following advantages:

    Shukran program participants receive regular offers from participating brands, which may include:

    Exclusive reductions.

    When converting other loyalty program points to Shukrans, bonus points

    Gift cards with the points’ value.

    Get exclusive deals and rewards online.

    Redeem your Shukran points

    Before redeeming their points, program participants must have a minimum of 200 Shukrans, with the understanding that 200 points equal 10 Saudi riyals.

    Shukrans can be used at any of the participating businesses, and points expire 24 months after being earned. It’s important to note, though, that if a member does not use their card for a 12-month period, their membership and any existing points will be canceled.


    What are the benefits of Shukran card?

    • Get exclusive offers and coupons. Get special, personalized deals from your favorite brands.
    • Enjoy points on every purchase.
    • Instant refund with shukran pay.
    • Claim Shukrans during or after purchase.
    • Earn Shukrans when you shop with partners.

    How do I check my balance on my Shukran card?

    Visit or download the Shukran app for iOS and Android. Use your virtual card to keep track of your transactions, check your Shukran balance, get the latest offers and locate nearby stores.

    How do I claim Shukran points after purchase?

    How can I claim Shukran points for a purchase where I did not present my Shukran Card/App? Go to the Shukran App, click on “My Account”, select “Claim your Shukrans” and click on “Submit Claim”. The purchase should be within the last 30 days.

    What is the value of Shukran points?

    Members of the program must have a minimum of 200 Shukrans before they can redeem these points, knowing that the 200 points = 10 Saudi riyals.

    Do Shukran points expire?

    Shukran Points that are not redeemed by the member will remain in his account for a period of 24 months from the time they were earned. Post this time period the points will expire and cannot be re-credited to the member’s account.

    How do I redeem my Shukran voucher?

    Shukran eGift Cards are redeemable across Online/Offline “Participating Brands” of Landmark, visit to check the updated list of participating brands and store locations. Shukran eGift Card cannot be exchanged for cash either in full or in part.

    Where can I find my Shukran card number?

    Yes. If you have joined Shukran from, we’ll display your card number on the confirmation page and in an email.

    What is Shukran gift card?

    Presenting the Shukran Gift Card, a single gifting solution across GCC’s most loved retail and hospitality brands. Never wish to go wrong with your gift again. Here’s a great way to say, “Happy Birthday”, “Thank You”, “Congratulations” or “Well Done” and give your loved ones the wonderful gift of choice.

    How do I convert smile points to Shukran?

    Members can convert their Smiles Points into Shukran Points in multiples of Six Thousand Two Hundred (6200) Smiles Points which is equal to One Thousand (1000) Shukran Points. Members may redeem their earned points when shopping at Centrepoint, Max, Splash, Shoemart, Home Box, Lifestyle, Home Centre, and many more.

    Can I use Shukran card online?

    Just present your digital card and photo ID at the cash counter to spend Shukrans at select Landmark Group brands. While shopping online, use the ‘Pay with Shukrans’ slider at checkout, after linking your account.

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    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: A festival of lavish beachside entertainment for football fans



    The festival will be set up in the brand-new Doha neighborhood of Lusail.

    Dubai: UAE visitors to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be able to watch all the action from a beachfront location, complete with music and entertainment throughout the month-long tournament.

    With direct beach access and a permit to run catered music events, the music-first festival will be a distinctive entertainment hub in Qatar. Its goal is to provide iconic experiences that combines local, regional, and international cultures.

    A partnership between Qetaifan Projects and UVentures, both based in Qatar, is planned for Qetaifan Island North in the brand-new city of Lusail to the north of Doha. With a 38-kilometer length and four islands, Lusail is thought to be Qatar’s largest sustainable real estate development.

    The festival’s organizers have announced that official tickets will be made available soon. The list of musicians and other performers would be made public in the ensuing weeks, the team added in a press release.

    A comprehensive program to assist owners of the “Hayya” Card issued by FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which will take place this year from November 20 to December 18, has been announced by the UAE.

    The program is one of several initiatives the UAE is launching to help Qatar host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The UAE will be welcoming world cup fans, allowing them to enter the country multiple times over 90 days thanks to the Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa options. Similar programs for football fans with tickets have also been announced by Saudi Arabia and Oman.

    Visit our website for more details on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

    Also, you can visit our website for details on Matchday Shuttle flights from Dubai to Doha.

    Visit our website to buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Dubai.

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