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    How to buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Dubai?



    There are only a few weeks left until the FIFA Football World Cup. And what makes it unique is that this will be the first time the tournament is held in an Arab nation. Numerous football supporters in the UAE plan to travel to the host nation because it is a close neighbor and watch their preferred teams play live in the stadiums. Fans still have a chance to purchase FIFA World Cup tickets for Qatar 2022 through the Last Minute Sales Phase, even though the fact that the first two sales phases have already ended. Sales of tickets are expected to begin soon and run through the competition’s conclusion.


    Even though more than 2.45 million tickets have already been sold, there is an incredibly high demand for FIFA World Cup tickets globally. The first and second phases of ticket sales are already over, as was already mentioned. Therefore, you can still try your luck with the Last Minute Sales Phase if you want to purchase FIFA World Cup tickets for Qatar 2022.

    This phase’s start date has not yet been made public. For updates, keep an eye on the FIFA website and social media accounts. This phase is expected to start in September and last until the competition is over.


    The need for tickets has been extremely high. When the number of applications exceeded the capacity of the stadium, tickets were distributed via a draw to fairly accommodate the applying fans. Tickets could be requested by visiting the tournament’s official website.

    Fans in Mexico, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, England, Qatar, and Mexico contributed significantly to those sales. Notably, there is a distinct quota for domestic and foreign supporters.

    Naturally, there was a big demand for tickets to the championship game. However, a few games during the group stage were also very popular. Argentina will play Mexico, England will play the United States, Argentina will play Saudi Arabia, and Argentina will play Poland, according to information provided by FIFA.


    Here’s an overview of the different categories of Qatar 2022 tickets:

    • Individual Match Tickets: Individual match tickets from the first match through to the final.
    • Team-Specific Ticket Series: Looking to follow the journey of your favourite team? Start with tickets for the three group matches, and you can continue your journey with Conditional Supporter Tickets. If your team qualifies for the knockout match(es), you will be allotted ticket(s).
    • Four-Stadium Ticket Series: Qatar 2022 provides a unique opportunity for fans. Given the short distances between the four hosting stadiums, you can attend matches at all four venues without hassle. Book tickets for different games on subsequent days to soak in the atmosphere and experience the footballing culture of supporters of other teams at these stadiums.
    • Accessibility Tickets: You can opt for Accessibility Tickets that provide tailored facilities for people with limited mobility.


    FIFA World Cup ticket price depends on the ticket category, the tournament stage and whether it is for local or international fans. Those based in Qatar can get cheaper tickets with prices starting at around AED 40.

    Here are the pricing details for international fans:


    Group Stage:

    • Category 1: AED 807
    • Category 2: AED 605
    • Category 3: AED 252

    Round of 16

    • Category 1: AED 1,008
    • Category 2: AED 756
    • Category 3: AED 353

    Quarter Finals

    • Category 1: AED 1,563
    • Category 2: AED 1,059
    • Category 3: AED 756

    Semi Finals

    • Category 1: AED 3,510
    • Category 2: AED 2,421
    • Category 3: AED 1,311

    3rd Place Playoffs

    • Category 1: AED 1,563
    • Category 2: AED 1,109
    • Category 3: AED 750


    • Category 1: AED 5,901
    • Category 2: AED 3,682
    • Category 3: AED 2,219


    • Category 1: AED 4,690 | AED 3,631 | AED 3,228 (Depending on the selection of matches)
    • Category 2: AED 3,429 | AED 2,723 | AED 2,421 (Depending on the selection of matches)
    • Category 3: AED 1,866 | AED 1,210 | AED 1,008 (Depending on the choice of matches)


    Three-ticket series

    • Category 1 AED 2,663 | Category 2 AED 1,997 | Category 3 AED 833

    Four-ticket series

    • Category 1 AED 3,772 | Category 2 AED 2,828 | Category 3 AED 1,220

    Seven-ticket series

    • Category 1 AED 15,846 | Category 2 AED 10,706| Category 3 AED 5,936


    Hayya card is a fan ID or identification card for those attending the FIFA World Cup 2022. Local fans need the Hayya card for entry into the stadium. Similarly, international fans also need to show the card at the port of entry. Hayya card will allow multiple entries for match-going fans. Furthermore, the holders will be entitled to free transport. The card, operated by the Qatar government, will be available in physical and digital format.

    You can apply for Hayya cards via the official Qatar 2022 website. The card will also incorporate Ehteraz, Qatar’s official COVID-19 contact tracing application.

    For queries regarding the Hayya card, Qatar-based fans can call 800-8052, while international fans can call +974-4-475-2021.

    Visit our website for more details on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

    Also, you can visit our website for details on Matchday Shuttle flights from Dubai to Doha.

    For details on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: A festival of lavish beachside entertainment for football fans, visit our website.


    What are the dates of the World Cup 2022?

    How to buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Dubai?

    How to buy FIFA World Cup tickets?

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    What are the types of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets?

    What are the FIFA World Cup ticket prices?

    What is a Hayya Card?

    How can I get a Hayya Card?

    Where can I apply for a Hayya Card?

    How to apply for Hayya Card?


    World’s largest tech show Gitex 2023



    world's largest tech show-storyhunters-in-gitex

    What is the theme of Gitex 2023?

    This is The Year To Imagine AI in Everything at GITEX – with artificial intelligence’s meteoric rise over the past 12 months affecting all aspects of our modern lives – the AI theme will weave seamlessly throughout the show.

    What is the entry fee for Gitex?

    So, let’s talk about the entrance fees for GITEX Global Dubai. While the cost of attending can vary depending on the type of pass you choose, it’s important to note that options suit different budgets and needs. For a basic one-day pass, prices typically start at around $299.

    What does Gitex stand for?

    of Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is a global tech show, organised by, and taking place at, the Dubai World Trade Centre in the United Arab Emirates.

    What are the benefits of VIP pass in Gitex?

    For those seeking a more exclusive experience, GITEX Dubai also offers VIP passes, which provide additional benefits such as fast-track entry, exclusive access to VIP lounges, and priority seating at conference sessions.

    What is the world’s largest tech show?


    Described as the “world’s largest tech show,” the much-anticipated GITEX GLOBAL 2023 has opened doors for its 43rd edition in Dubai. Gathering technology creators, investors, enthusiasts and startups, the five-day event is hosting hundreds of companies, including renowned brands, to exhibit their latest products.

    What is the theme of technology in 2023?

    Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in 2023 with natural language processing and machine learning advancement. Artificial intelligence can better understand us and perform more complex tasks using this technology. It is estimated that 5G will revolutionize the way we live and work in the future.

    What do you wear to GITEX?

    Wear Comfortable Clothes

    Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Sure it’s a business event and you need to put your best foot forward, but if you’re sweating so much you could wring out your shirt, and you can’t walk in a straight line because your new shoes are pinching, that’s not going to do it either.

    Who should attend GITEX?

    GITEX 2023 is expected to draw tens of thousands of attendees, including entrepreneurs, technologists, IT enthusiasts, and business professionals, making it an exceptional venue for meaningful connections and one-on-one discussions about the transformative potential of technology.

    What happens at GITEX?

    Gitex typically hosts a series of conferences, seminars, and workshops featuring industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators. These events cover various technology-related topics and offer insights into emerging trends and challenges.

    Where is Gitex Global 2023?

    The Dubai World Trade Centre, historically called Sheikh Rashid Tower, is a 38-storey and a height 184 m skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which was erected in 1979. It is a purpose-built complex for events and exhibitions. The building is featured on the 100 dirham bank note.

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    Largest tech and startup show in the world “Gitex”




    This year’s GITEX GLOBAL will be the 43rd edition of the most established and iconic large scale exhibition in the world – providing a gateway for tech creators, investors and enthusiasts to collaborate for over 4 decades.

    The surge in global demand has rallied GITEX GLOBAL – The world’s largest tech show, scaling even bigger this year across two mega venues, Dubai World Trade Centre & Dubai Harbour – covering a ground-breaking 41 halls of exhibition space, housing tech powerhouses & revolutionary startups within AI, Cybersecurity, Mobility, Sustainable Tech and much more.

    Get ready for 5 full days of enthralling conferences, live-action workshops, matched concierge networking and business partnerships as well as discovering the latest tech in use and unseen by the masses.

    Getting to Dubai Harbour from DWTC

    Shuttle Buses (FREE)

    Get to Dubai Harbour from GITEX GLOBAL with frequent and free shuttle buses that run all day, every day

    Time10:00 – 18:00
    FrequencyEvery 15 min
    Pick Up PointsArena Plaza (next to Hall 1) and Convention Gate (Hall 8)


    TaxiDedicated taxi pick up points at GITEX GLOBAL with a fast-track lane for all Dubai Harbour visitor.
    LocationTransportation Hub

    CAREEM (Discount)

    CareemUse your exclusive discount code for
    20% Off on all Careem Journeys (T&Cs apply)
    LocationPick up / drop o Transportation Hub
    CostCareem Code : ENS2023



    The fastest way to Dubai Harbour. Right outside Dubai World Trade Centre, take the Red Line metro to Al Khail station (10 stops), then jump on the free shuttle bus that will swiftly take you to Expand North Star in just a few minutes

    LocationWorld Trade Centre Metro Station
    TimeMetro schedule
    FrequencyEvery 2 minutes during peak hours
    Cost5 AED with NOL card

    Getting to Dubai Harbour from the city


    Quick and easy jump on the Dubai metro Red Line and take our free Expand North Star shuttle from there to the Harbour.

    LocationAl Khail Metro Station
    TimeMetro schedule
    FrequencyEvery 2 minutes during peak hours


    Travelling from JBR or Dubai Marina? Take the tram to Mina Seyahi Station and use our free shuttle service for the last few minutes of your journey.

    LocationMina Seyahi Tram Station
    TimeTram schedule
    FrequencyEvery 8 minutes
    Cost3 AED with NOL card

    Shuttle Buses – Hotels

    LocationGrand Millennium
    Signature 1
    Radisson Blu
    Media One
    W Dubai
    Al Habtoor
    Sheraton JBR
    Westin Mina Seyahi
    Beach Resort
    TimePick up & drop o 09:00 – 19:00


    Door-to-door travel with drop off right in front of the Expand North Star entrance.

    Location : Dubai Harbour



    Book your ride via the Careem app and save 20% on your journey. (T&Cs apply) The drop off point is directly in front of the Expand North Star entrance.

    LocationDubai Harbour
    CostCareem Code – ENS2023

    Arriving to Dubai Harbour



    700 parking spaces Head to SkyDive Dubai and cross the waters to Dubai Harbour using the free water taxi. Ahoy sailors!

    LocationSkyDive Dubai Parking
    Time08:00 – 20:00



    Park at Nakheel Monorail parking for the Dubai Palm and get on our free shuttle service direct to Dubai Harbour.

    LocationNakheel Monorail Parking Building Dubai Palm
    Time08:00 – 20:00
    Cost10 AED per hour

    Water Tax

    With a venue surrounded by water, what better way to arrive than by boat! Take the water taxi from SkyDive Dubai to Expand North Star.

    Metro Pick up

    Want to avoid Dubai traffic & jump on the metro? Take our free shuttle from Al Khail Metro station to connect you to Dubai Harbour.

    LocationAl Khail Metro Station
    Time09:00 – 18:00
    FrequencyEvery 15 min


    Expand North Star buggies onsite will bring you from the Harbour parking and the water taxi station to the main entrance.

    LocationOn Site – Harbour
    Time09:00 – 19:00
    FrequencyEvery 5 min

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    Dubai Airport to be peak time; Passengers are advised to follow these instructions

    Dubai Airport to be peak time; Passengers are advised to follow these instructions



    Dubai: As the holiday season draws to a close, the Dubai International Airport (DXB) is likely to experience heavy traffic. According to airport officials, 3.3 million passengers will pass through Dubai International Airport in the next 13 days.

    “The average daily traffic will reach 258,000 visitors. August 26 and 27 is expected to be the busiest time with over half a million guests arriving.” said in a statement issued on Wednesday. Passengers should follow special instructions to ensure a hassle-free journey.

    Upon arrival at Terminals 1, 2 and 3, passengers between the ages of 4 and 12 can use the special passport control counters to stamp their passports independently. For those traveling with families, passengers above the age of 12 can use the smart gates to speed up the passport control process. At the smart gates, registered passengers can clear passport control by looking for a green light without the need to scan a document, according to Dubai Airports’ website.

    Those arriving to pick up guests from the airport should use designated car parks or valet services. Access to the arrival forecourts at Terminals 1 and 3 is restricted to public transport and other authorized airport vehicles, officials said.

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