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    Apple to release iOS 16 today

    Apple iOS 16 will bring new personalisation features, deeper intelligence, and more seamless ways to communicate and share



    Apple is set to release the iOS 16 for iPhone on Monday, September 12. Announced at the Apple’s developers conference (WWDC 2022) in June, the iPhone operating system will bring several new features such as redesigned lock screen interface with support for live widgets, iMessage with edit text and unsent function, and native support for protection against spyware like Pegasus.

    iOS 16: Rollout schedule

    The iOS 16 is available for supported iPhone users from September 12, according to Apple. In India, the software update is expected to arrive either late at night tonight or by tomorrow morning.

    iOS 16: Supported models

    The iOS 16 will be available for the iPhone 8 and above. Besides, the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone SE 2022 models would also get the update. The new iPhone 14 series will ship with iOS 16 out-of-the-box.

    iOS 16: How to check the availability

    Apple sent a notification to supported iPhone users whenever a new update is available. To check the update availability manually, go to iPhone settings-General-Software Update. This process check the server for update and shows download and install option if the update is available.

    iOS 16: What’s new

    Multiple lock screens

    The new operating system can now create different Lock Screens, each with a unique backdrop in iPhones. Users will be able to easily switch between different lock screen. 


    Users will be able to view notifications on the Lock Screen in an expanded list view, stacked view, or hidden view. Moreover, notifications will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

    Live Activities

    Live Activities feature, which will be available on the lock screen, will make it easier for users to stay on top of things that are happening in real-time. Users will be able to track the progress of their food delivery. They can also use the ‘Now Playing’ controls without unlocking their device using this feature. 


    A new streamlined setup for Focus will let users select the apps and people they want to receive notifications from by either allowing them or silencing them. With a swipe, users will be able to go from their Personal Focus to Work Focus with widgets showing upcoming meetings and to-do lists.


    Users will now be edit a message they just sent or unsend a recent message altogether. Additionally, they will be able to mark a message as unread if they can’t respond in the moment and want to come back to it later.


    Lift subject from the background: Users will be able to lift the subject from an image or isolate the subject by removing the background. This feature will be available in Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look, Safari and more.

    Live Text for video: Users can pause a video on any frame that contains text to use familiar interactions like copy, translate, look up, share, and more.


    The new UI will let users switch between filters and modes with swipe gestures. iPhone 13 and above will get an improved cinematic mode.


    A new mode, called Lockdown mode will protect iPhones against spyware like Pegasus. The feature will be available under the Privacy tab in Settings.


    Vi MiFi – portable WiFi router



    Vi MiFi - portable WiFi router-kerala-unlimited-storyhunters.in22

    Vi MiFi is a portable wifi router that enables you to create a personal hotspot/mobile hotspot and simultaneously connect multiple devices and users to Vi’s high-speed Data.

    Vi MiFi - portable WiFi

    FREE Home Delivery of Postpaid SIM with MiFi

    Vi MiFi – Portable WiFi FAQs

    What is Vi MiFi?

    Vi MiFi is a portable wifi router that enables you to create a personal hotspot/mobile hotspot and simultaneously connect multiple devices and users to Vi’s high-speed Data.

    What speed does Vi MiFi device support?

    Vi (Vodafone Idea) MiFi/Wireless Dongle supports download speeds up to 150Mbps and upload speed up 50Mbps

    What is the battery backup available in Vi (Vodafone Idea) MiFi?

    Vi MiFi comes with a best in class inbuilt 2700 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that can support 5-6 hours of use on full charge

    How many devices can be connected by Vi MiFi – Portable WiFi router?

    Vi MiFi or Wireless Dongle can securely connect 10 WiFi enabled devices like Smart TVs, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, CCTVs, Smart Speakers at the same time

    What is the price of Vi (Vodafone Idea) MiFi?

    You can purchase Vi MiFi/Wireless Dongle device at Rs2000 inclusive of tax. In addition, you will need to purchase a new Vi Postpaid SIM for which you can choose from our new MBB plans.

    Is it necessary to have a Vi postpaid plan to use Vi MiFi device?

    Yes. To use Vi MiFi or Wireless Dongle, you need to buy a Vi Postpaid plan.

    Can I rollover my unused data with Vi MiFi plans?

    Yes, Vi MiFi plans listed here come with 200GB of data rollover.

    What happens when I exhaust the data quota available in my Vi MiFi plan?

    At any given time, if you exhaust the monthly data available in your Vi MiFi plan as well as any unused rollover data from previous months, you will be charged at Rs20/ GB for additional data usage within the same month.

    Can I buy a data pack with Vi MiFi plan?

    Yes, you can buy our standard data packs from Vi app. Choose from 20GB @ Rs100 or 50GB for Rs200.

    How do I activate my Vi MiFi plan SIM?

    To start using your Vi Postpaid SIM with your Vi MiFi device, pls activate the Vi SIM by calling 59059 for tele-verification of your Vi number. Once done, insert the SIM in your Vi MiFi device and get connected to Vi superfast internet.

    How do I set-up my Vi MiFi device?

    To view or manage your account, use the details below for the 1st login after connecting Vi MiFi device to your laptop, desktop or tablet:
    Login Details for using data on your device:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
    You can check your plan details and pay bills from Vi App. 

    Is there a Warranty with Vi MiFi?

    Yes, Vi Mifi portable wifi router comes with a manufacturer’s warranty which covers the device, USP cable and battery. The warranty is applicable for 12 months from date of sale/date of device activation as per Binatone or 14 months from date of manufacturing, whichever happens earlier. Broken/mishandled & electrically damaged devices/liquid spilled/customer induced damages will not covered in warranty.

    I have received a defective / broken device. What should I do?

    You can call on the centralized Binatone Service helpline at 7428130659 (toll-free).

    My Vi MiFi device has stopped working. What should I do?

    You can call on the centralized Binatone Service helpline at 7428130659 (toll-free).

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    JioFi Hi-speed internet experience on personal 4G hotspot

    Personal 4G hotspot device for connectivity on the go



    JioFi is a device that helps you to create personal hotspot and experience true 4G network connectivity. You can access high-speed internet anytime, anywhere, without worrying about finding an electrical outlet as it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.

    JioFi is designed to provide super-fast speeds up to 150 Mbps for seamless user experience. Connect ten Wi-Fi enabled devices at a time with uninterrupted surfing for 5-6 hours. You can even enjoy HD voice calling and conferencing on 2G-3G devices.

    Jiofi wifi hotsport

    Device specifications

    Router M2S black

    • Connect Device Recommended 10 (Wi-Fi) + 1 (USB tethering)
    • Standard WAN: LTE (2300/1800/850 MHz), IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz only
    • Power Supply AC: 100-240V; DC: 5V&1A
    • Dimensions – 85 X 55 X 16 mm
    • Micro-SD Card, Micro-USB Port, Nano SIM
    • Battery Capacity – 2300 mAh

    What you get with JioFi

    Know how each feature of JioFi will help in transforming your business.

    What is JioFi?

    LYF-powered JioFi is a portable broadband device brought to you by Reliance Digital. JioFi device allows multiple users and mobile devices to access Jio’s 4G high-speed internet connectivity and create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

    Is JioFi as good as Wi-Fi?

    JioFi is designed to provide super-fast speeds up to 150 Mbps for seamless user experience. Connect ten Wi-Fi enabled devices at a time with uninterrupted surfing for 5-6 hours. You can even enjoy HD voice calling and conferencing on 2G-3G devices.

    Does JioFi provide unlimited data?

    You can purchase Jiofi: Looking for the best-unlimited data plan without a daily limit for 2023? Look no further than JioFi! With JioFi, you can enjoy fast internet speeds and data usage without any daily restrictions.

    What is the cost of JioFi?

    A. The price of the dongles ranges between Rs. 1,199/- and Rs. 3579/- The price of the dongle depends upon the memory capacity and type of battery present.

    Does JioFi need a SIM?

    Anyways, YES, you do get a new Jio SIM when you buy a JioFi device. You have the option of either applying for a new one when you purchase the device, or use your existing Jio SIM with it. The new SIM will not be charged extra, except for the activation of the Jio Prime plan and your first recharge.

    Is JioFi better than hotspot?

    As a backup you can buy but cannot be used as main source for internet. Instead of this you can use your mobile hotspot, mobile hotspot gives more speed than JioFi. As a backup you can buy but cannot be used as main source for internet.

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    World’s largest tech show Gitex 2023



    world's largest tech show-storyhunters-in-gitex

    What is the theme of Gitex 2023?

    This is The Year To Imagine AI in Everything at GITEX – with artificial intelligence’s meteoric rise over the past 12 months affecting all aspects of our modern lives – the AI theme will weave seamlessly throughout the show.

    What is the entry fee for Gitex?

    So, let’s talk about the entrance fees for GITEX Global Dubai. While the cost of attending can vary depending on the type of pass you choose, it’s important to note that options suit different budgets and needs. For a basic one-day pass, prices typically start at around $299.

    What does Gitex stand for?

    of Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is a global tech show, organised by, and taking place at, the Dubai World Trade Centre in the United Arab Emirates.

    What are the benefits of VIP pass in Gitex?

    For those seeking a more exclusive experience, GITEX Dubai also offers VIP passes, which provide additional benefits such as fast-track entry, exclusive access to VIP lounges, and priority seating at conference sessions.

    What is the world’s largest tech show?


    Described as the “world’s largest tech show,” the much-anticipated GITEX GLOBAL 2023 has opened doors for its 43rd edition in Dubai. Gathering technology creators, investors, enthusiasts and startups, the five-day event is hosting hundreds of companies, including renowned brands, to exhibit their latest products.

    What is the theme of technology in 2023?

    Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in 2023 with natural language processing and machine learning advancement. Artificial intelligence can better understand us and perform more complex tasks using this technology. It is estimated that 5G will revolutionize the way we live and work in the future.

    What do you wear to GITEX?

    Wear Comfortable Clothes

    Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Sure it’s a business event and you need to put your best foot forward, but if you’re sweating so much you could wring out your shirt, and you can’t walk in a straight line because your new shoes are pinching, that’s not going to do it either.

    Who should attend GITEX?

    GITEX 2023 is expected to draw tens of thousands of attendees, including entrepreneurs, technologists, IT enthusiasts, and business professionals, making it an exceptional venue for meaningful connections and one-on-one discussions about the transformative potential of technology.

    What happens at GITEX?

    Gitex typically hosts a series of conferences, seminars, and workshops featuring industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators. These events cover various technology-related topics and offer insights into emerging trends and challenges.

    Where is Gitex Global 2023?

    The Dubai World Trade Centre, historically called Sheikh Rashid Tower, is a 38-storey and a height 184 m skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which was erected in 1979. It is a purpose-built complex for events and exhibitions. The building is featured on the 100 dirham bank note.

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