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    Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Winner: Expatriate group of friends wins lucky draw in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Lottery

    Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Winner: Expatriate group of friends wins lucky draw in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Lottery



    Abu Dhabi: Expats and friends win the lucky draw at the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw. Mohammed Shafiq and his friends, who live in Ajman, won Dh3,00,000 (over 60 lakh Indian rupees). The first weekly draw of the Big Ticket this week was won by an expat group of ten.

    Mohammed Shafiq told Big Ticket officials that he was “very happy” to receive the prize in the weekly draw. Big ticket was taken with nine friends. Prize money will be distributed to all. He said he has been buying big tickets for the last seven years and has no plans to end the practice immediately. Apart from the weekly draw, they will also get a chance to win a prize of Rs 24 crore in the mega draw on May 3.

    Details of the electronic draw for a cash prize of AED 300,000

    Promotion 1- April 1-7, Lottery Date- April 8 (Friday)
    Promotion 2- April 8-April 14, Lot Date- April 15 (Friday)
    Promotion 3 April 15-22, Lottery Date April 23 (Saturday)
    Promotion 4 April 23-30, Lottery Date May 1 (Sunday)

    Big Ticket Cash Tickets purchased during the promotion period will receive entry to the next draw. These will not be entered into the weekly electronic lottery.

    The first prize of AED 1.2 crore awaits Big Ticket buyers in April. There will be a second prize of Dh10 lakh and other valuable prizes. In addition, Big Ticket buyers this month will have the opportunity to win AED 300,000 by participating in the weekly weekly draw. Those who purchase tickets during the weekly promotion period will receive an entry into the weekly electronic lottery. The winner will receive a prize of 300,000 dirhams.

    In addition to the monthly raffle and weekly raffle, a winner who chooses a Big Ticket and a Dream Car Ticket (big ticket and dream car ticket) together will have the great opportunity to win free tickets to every month’s Big Ticket Lottery for a year. Visit the official website to learn more about the attractive monthly and weekly prizes offered by Big Ticket.


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