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    how to check nol metro card balance online in dubai

    nol card Balance Check



    Dubai RTA’s NOL card is a convenient way to pay for all public transport related purchases such as Metro, Bus, Tram as well as payments for Parking. The NOL card needs to recharged and must have a minimum balance of Dh 7.5 before the card can be used in public transports. Fortunately, RTA announced a feature to check the balance money available in RTA’s NOL cards online.

    Procedure to check Dubai RTA NOL Card Balance:

    1. Visit the RTA Website NOL Card balance page

    2. Click on the Check NOL Balance box (button) on the page

    nol card Balance Check with number

    3. Enter the NOL Card TAG ID found on the backside of the NOL card on the website

    4. Click on Search button to see the NOL Card balance

    Procedure to check Dubai RTA NOL Card Balance through RTA Dubai application

    Can you check Dubai RTA NOL Card Balance in mobile?

    Yes, you can check. Download the app/ visit the nol website and follow the above procedure.

    What are the places accepting nol cards?

    You can check the places such as

    • Government services
    • Supermarket,
    • Restaurant,
    • Fuel station,
    • Clinics,
    • Pharmacy,
    • Theme parks,
    • Convenience store 

    all over UAE that accepts nol cards to make the payment.

    How can I activate my nol card balance?

    How do I use my nol card on my phone?

    How do I use my nol card online?

    How can I get nol card online in Dubai?

    Can we travel in Dubai Metro without nol card?

    How long is nol card valid in Dubai?

    Can two people use the same nol card?

    What is the minimum balance for nol card in UAE?

    What is the minimum nol card balance check?

    Nol Card

    How to recharge / top up NOL card? Procedure, Requirements

    nol card Recharge



    Recharge your nol card-dxb-deal

    How to recharge / top up NOL card online?

    Steps to top up online

    1. Visit

    2. Enter your nol tag ID

    3. Select the amount. You can select from 30 AED

    4. Confirm the amount and pay online

    5. It will redirect to dubai pay payment channel -Nol Top Up Portal

    6. Select the method of payment (You can pay using credit card / net banking / noqodi)

    7. Pay the amount and your recharge / top up is done.

    What is the minimum and maximum balance you can recharge / top up nol card?

    • Minimum balance is 7.5 AED and the maximum balance to recharge nol is up to 5000 AED depends upon your card.

    How to recharge NOL card at Metro station / Bus stations / Bus stops?

    You can find nol ticket vending machine in every metro station, bus stations and main bus stops in Dubai where you can recharge your card or monthly passes in nol vending machine.

    1. Place your card on the machine which will show the current balance, card type.
    2. Select the amount (Keep the exact change as the machine do not return the balance)
    3. Card payment is available to recharge nol card.
    4. Once the payment is done, “Print receipt” screen will come to make sure to complete the nol recharge.
    5. Do not take the card until you see the “Print receipt” screen.

    How to Top up / Recharge Nol card through S’hail App?

    Check the above link to know how to use S’hail app and the procedure to recharge / top up through S’hail application step by step.

    How to Top up / Recharge your nol card using noqodi Dubai? Procedure, Requirements

    Check the above link to know the procedure to recharge / top up through noqodi step by step.

    How and where to activate your nol card outstanding balance?

    Customers can activate the outstanding balance at

    • any parking machines which is connected to the internet
    • metro gates
    • Once the procedure is done, balance will be activated in 45 minutes to 4 hours.

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