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    Mahzooz Grand Draw

    How to Buy Mahzooz Ticket by Cash in Kiosk?

    There has been an increase in kiosk payments recently, allowing players to purchase entries for the weekly draws without using their Mahzooz cards, which has been a welcome addition.



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    Mahzooz’s kiosk network stretches throughout the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah, where all participants have an equal chance of winning big prizes. In every draw, a million dollars will go to one lucky participant.

    Mahzooz Tickets in UAE

    As well as bringing back memories from the past, UAE Mahzooz’s lottery game has benefited millions. Registering with them allows you to enter their lucky live draw every week. It is a lucky draw that helps many people do what they want. Participation is free, but you’ve got to register and purchase tickets. Each ticket costs 35 AED, and you can buy ten tickets for each draw.

    Winners will choose by random drawing out of all entries by Mahzooz. If you purchase more, you’re more likely to win a prize. If you win, Mahzooz will notify you, and you will receive the money directly into your account. Several other advantages are available to Mahzooz players, but the most obvious is the chance to win prizes and cash. The jackpot can bring you millions of dirhams if you win it.

    Besides meeting new people, it is also an excellent way to socialize. Many people of all backgrounds enjoy playing Mahzooz at parties and social gatherings. Additionally, it is a great way to support your community since the game supports many charities and causes throughout the UAE.

    Steps Buy Mahzooz Ticket by Cash in Kiosk

    You can purchase Mahzooz tickets using a Kiosk. Follow these steps to buy them.

    1. Go to a Kiosk near you and swipe your credit card.
    2. Choose between cash and credit cards.
    3. When your card is prepaid, or you have added money, click the buy now button. If not, choose cash.
    4. After selecting your water bottle color and size, proceed to the checkout page and donate it. Consequently, each bottle purchased qualifies you for one entry.
    5. The first line should contain five numbers. Playing five lines at once is the maximum.
    6. Then press checkout.
    7. Transaction details will be in your receipt. Please check your email for a confirmation SMS.

    How you can Purchase Mahzooz Tickets in Stores with Cash

    Using cash to buy Mahzooz tickets is safe and reliable. You can purchase a ticket in grocery stores. These services include obtaining a ticket and paying in cash. There’s also a receipt to prove your purchase. Mahzooz Result will be available on Saturday at 9 pm if you have purchased them.

    As discussed above, the option of purchasing tickets with a credit card is also available at the Kiosk. However, you’ll have to choose cash over a credit card if you wish to use that option.

    Mahzooz Payment Options

    If you wish to purchase tickets in the live lottery, Mahzooz allows you to use your credit card or debit card to pay for them. If you do not have a valid credit card, debit card, or prepaid card, you can purchase Mahzooz via the Kiosk or online. They also offer this service in many stores. Here is how to do it. As a first step toward achieving this, you must take several steps.

    • Fill out your card’s details if you use one.
    • Your transaction will proceed once you click pay now.
    • An email or message will follow for confirmation.


    There is no denying that Mahzooz, one of the most popular games in the UAE, has been around for quite some time. There is no age restriction for playing the game, and you may enter the lucky draw in many ways.


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