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    Hafilat card is a smart card used for public transportation in Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Hafilat card is a smart card used for public transportation in Abu Dhabi, UAE



    The Hafilat card is a smart card used for public transportation in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Here is some information about the Hafilat card:

    1. Function: The Hafilat card serves as an electronic ticketing system for various modes of public transportation in Abu Dhabi, including buses operated by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT).
    2. Types of Hafilat cards: There are different types of Hafilat cards available to suit different needs:
    • Personalized Hafilat card: This card is registered to an individual and can be topped up with credit. It allows for easier management and recovery of the balance if the card is lost or stolen.
    • Anonymous Hafilat card: This card is not registered to an individual and can be purchased and used immediately without any personal information. It can also be topped up with credit.
    1. Purchasing and Topping Up: Hafilat cards can be purchased from various outlets, such as bus stations, customer service centers, or authorized retail outlets. They can be topped up with credit using recharge machines available at these locations.
    2. Usage: To use the Hafilat card, passengers need to tap the card on the card reader located on the bus when boarding and disembarking. The fare is automatically deducted from the card balance based on the distance traveled and the applicable fare structure.
    3. Benefits: The Hafilat card offers several benefits to users, including the convenience of not needing to carry cash for fares and the ability to transfer between different bus routes within a certain time frame without incurring additional charges.
    4. Integrated Ticketing: The Hafilat card is also integrated with other transportation systems in Abu Dhabi, such as the Abu Dhabi Metro and ferries, allowing for seamless travel across different modes of transport using a single card in the future.

    It’s important to note that specific details and features of the Hafilat card may be subject to change. Therefore, it is advisable to refer to the official sources and websites related to public transportation in Abu Dhabi or contact the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport for the most up-to-date information regarding the Hafilat card and its usage.

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    Driving Licence Renewal: Online Options in the UAE



    In the UAE, driving without a valid license can lead to serious penalties. According to your emirate’s legal requirements, the license must be renewed. Nearly all of the emirates permit UAE driving license renewal online, taking into account the issue some people have with a lack of time.

    You can learn more about how to renew your license online in all the emirates by using this guide.

    Driving License Renewal Requirements in the UAE

    The requirements for renewing a driver’s license are very similar to those for new license applications. Here is a brief summary of those prerequisites:

    For those who are 21 years of age or older: The resident’s driver’s license is initially valid for two years before becoming valid for fifteen years after renewal. Nationals of the UAE and the GCC may renew their licenses for another ten years.
    The driver’s license is good for one year for those under the age of 21.

    Additionally, candidates must be in good health and undergo their eye exams at facilities that have been approved.

    Documents Needed for UAE Online Driver License Renewal

    Following is the list of documents required to open a traffic file:

    • Expired driving licence
    • Copy of passport and residence visa page
    • Copy and original emirates ID card
    • Two photos
    • Eye test certificate
    • Clearance letter from authorised driving school as proof of fees payment

    No matter from which city you belong, the above-mentioned documents are required to renew the driving licence in all cities of the UAE.


    RTA has introduced an online driving licence renewal service to make the procedure hassle-free for everyone. Below we have discussed the available online channels in Dubai that you can rely on.


    The official website of RTA offers an easy and user-friendly method for the renewal of Dubai driving licence online. Once you are done with the mandatory eye test from the RTA approved eye test centre, now it’s time to visit the official RTA website. 

    Here is what you need to do for renewing your Dubai driving licence online. 

    • Click on The Driver and Car Owner Services tab available on the RTA official website
    • Go to the Driving licence Services tab and access Dubai driving licence renewal services
    • Upload all the required documents 
    • Pay all the service charges and outstanding fines via debit or credit card
    • Once you fulfil all the requirements, you will immediately get a temporary driver’s licence that can be used until the original one is ready
    • The validity of a temporary driving licence is 5 to 15 working days
    • You can pick your driver’s licence from Happiness Centres at Al Barsha or Deira
    • If you can’t pick then, pay AED 25 for shipping and get your new driver’s licence at your doorsteps


    Additionally, you can easily renew your driver’s license by downloading the RTA Dubai Drive App. After downloading, sign in to the driver’s license services website and complete all the necessary fields. After entering all the necessary information, pay the renewal fees, and choose between using a courier or a Customer Happiness Center for delivery. If you’re considering purchasing a used car in the emirate of Dubai, you can also find out more about car renewal there.


    The government of Abu Dhabi has launched a number of online platforms so that residents can easily renew their licenses while avoiding lengthy lines during peak hours.


    The process of renewing an Abu Dhabi driver’s license takes six minutes. The government portal provides a number of services, including paying fines and scheduling driving tests. Here are the steps for requesting a driver’s license renewal.

    • Visit TAMM website
    • Click Vehicles and Transportation on Homepage
    • Select the Driving Service option
    • Click Driving Licence option
    • The page will direct you to the listing of the services related to driving licence 
    • Select Request for Renewal of Driving licence

    Once you find the page, follow the below-mentioned instruction.


    • Step 1: Firstly, apply along with the required documents through the available channels
    • Step 2: Secondly, pay the fee
    • Step 3: Lastly, receive the driving licence


    • Emirates ID card


    • Licence renewal fees for more than one year: AED 300
    • license renewal fees for one year: AED 100
    • Knowledge fee: AED 10
    • Innovation fee: AED 10
    • Renewal delay fines for each month (if applicable): AED 10


    Additional online options for renewing an Abu Dhabi driver’s license include the Abu Dhabi Police mobile app and website. You must first create a profile in the Abu Dhabi Police system. Both the Abu Dhabi Police app and the website must follow this procedure.

    You only need a current Emirates ID to register. You can easily complete the renewal of your driver’s license online after logging in. You can use the website and app to pay your renewal fees online and receive your updated driver’s license by courier.

    To Download Abu Dhabi Police App from: Android and iOS.


    In Sharjah, a driver’s license is valid for two years for UAE and GCC citizens as well as foreigners. However, as soon as it expires, you must renew it right away. What you need to know about renewing your Sharjah driver’s license online is provided below.


    Visit the MOI website to renew your driving licence Sharjah online and follow the procedure mentioned below. 

    • Visit MOI Home Page 
    • Click on the e-Service drop-down menu and select the traffic and licensing option
    • Click on the Vehicle Driver’s licence Renewal option
    • Enter login credentials 
    • Submit the required documents 
    • Pay the fee via credit/debit card

    Once you pay the fee, you will be given a temporary licence until you get the renewed one. 


    • Old licence
    • Original Emirates ID
    • Personal photo 
    • Valid eye test


    • The driving licence renewal fees for residents under 21 years old: AED 100
    • The driving licence renewal fees for residents above 21 years old: AED 300
    • Renewal delay fines for each month (if applicable): AED 10
    • Additional shipping charges: AED 15

    It is important to note here that if your driving licence is going to expire after 6 months, you can apply for the Sharjah driving licence renewal online. The grace period is 30 days after expiry and after that, you will be fined AED 10 monthly. The fine amount can go up to AED 500 only. 



    You can visit the official Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, enter your login credentials, update the required documents and pay the fees. The documents you need include an old driving license, an original Emirates ID, a photograph, and a valid eye test. 


    The driving license renewal fee for residents under 21 years old is AED 100, while the residents above 21 years old will be charged AED 300. Also, the charges of renewal delay fines for each month (if applicable) is AED 10 which can go up to AED 500 only. 


    You can visit the Abu Dhabi Police website or download the Abu Dhabi Police App and register yourself. For registration, you need Emirates ID only. After registration, select the Driving Licence Services option and proceed with the driving license renewal process swiftly. 


    There are two ways to carry out the driving licence renewal procedure online in Dubai. You can either visit the RTA official website or download the Dubai Drive App. Both the options are user-friendly and offer online payment options. 

    Here is all the information you need to know about renewing your UAE driving license online. Additionally, you can go to some offline options like the Customer Happiness Center, which is present in each emirate of the nation. If you run into any problems, dial 8005000 to get help right away.

    Watch out for more informative posts on our blog .

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    A.R. Rahman Live In Concert, Etihad Arena 29Oct

    A.R. Rahman Live in Concert at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi



    Breathtaking Performance By The Most Renowned Musician In The Indian Entertainment Industry – A.R. Rahman, Two-Time Academy Award Winner, Seller Of More Than 1500 Million Copies Of His Work Comprising Of Music More Than 100 Film Soundtrack And Albums In Half A Dozen Languages, Winner Of 15 Awards For His Score Including Two Grammys, The Golden Globe, And The Bafta.

    A.R. Rahman With His Ensemble Of Singers And Top Line Musicians Will Be Performing Songs From His Classic Movies.
    The Concert Will Blend State Of The Art Technology, Great Visual Effects, Synchronised Choreography, And Interesting Renditions Of His Original Tracks And Music.

    There is no age restriction for this event and all guests require a valid ticket to enter the venue.
    Children aged 2 or under do not require a ticket provided they sit on a parent or guardian’s lap.
    Those aged below 18 years must be accompanied by someone 21yrs+.

    The concert will blend state-of-the-art technology, great visual effects, synchronized choreography and interesting renditions of his original tracks and music.

    29 Oct, 2022 at 07:30 PM

    About the Venue:

    Etihad Arena is the region’s largest multi-purpose indoor arena set on the stunning waterfront of Yas Bay, offering world-class event space and hospitality. Proudly positioned on Yas Island, the Middle East’s premiere leisure and entertainment destination, the Etihad Arena is set to become the UAE’s leading entertainment landmark and enhance Abu Dhabi’s position as a global entertainment destination. Designed with sustainability at its core, the venue offers a dynamic event space that can be easily transformed to host a variety of events including large-scale international concerts, sports games, corporate events, private functions and local community celebrations. Only 7 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport and 45 minutes from Dubai, Etihad Arena is the ideal venue for both international and local visitors to enjoy a unique experience at this striking venue.

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    ITC Abudhabi: Abu Dhabi launches new service related to Hafilat Payment Card

    ITC Abudhabi: Abu Dhabi launches new service related to Hafilat Payment Card



    Abu Dhabi Transport Authority (Abu Dhabi Transport Authority) has launched a new service related to the Hafilath Payment Card. From now on, passengers on public buses in Abu Dhabi will now be able to top up their Hafilat fare payment cards online. The Integrated Transport Center (ITC) of the Municipality Department and Transport, the public transport regulator of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has announced a new top-up option for top-up Hafilat bus charge cards online.

    To top up Hafilath cards, passengers have to enter the serial number at the bottom of the card and then select the top-up amount and pay by credit or debit card. Prior to the new top-up option, passengers would have to recharge their cards at ticket vending machines across the emirate or use recharging stations on intercity buses.

    The Authority said that in an effort to improve the customer experience, it is now possible to top up Hafilot cards online through e-services on ITC or Darbi websites. The ITC website provides information on Abu Dhabi public transport, while the Darbi website provides information on public bus services, officials said.

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