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Using Fonts with AMP is simple

Simply import any font you like from Google fonts into your HTML file, and use it in the CSS. It's that easy! Just like any regular page. Below is an instant example. You can get over 800 fonts from Google Fonts for free!

Font Awesome

Over 600 Icons Provided by AMP

Web Application Icons Accessibility Icons Hand Icons Transportation Icons Gender Icons File Type Icons Spinner Icons Form Control Icons Payment Icons Chart Icons Currency Icons Text Editor Icons Directional Icons Video Player Icons Brand Icons Medical Icons address-book address-book-o address-card address-card-o bandcamp bath bathtub drivers-license drivers-license-o eercast envelope-open envelope-open-o etsy free-code-camp grav handshake-o id-badge id-card id-card-o imdb linode meetup microchip podcast quora ravelry s15 shower snowflake-o superpowers telegram thermometer thermometer-0 thermometer-1 thermometer-2 thermometer-3 thermometer-4 thermometer-empty thermometer-full thermometer-half thermometer-quarter thermometer-three-quarters times-rectangle times-rectangle-o user-circle user-circle-o user-o vcard vcard-o window-close window-close-o window-maximize window-minimize window-restore wpexplorer address-book address-book-o address-card address-card-o adjust american-sign-language-interpreting anchor archive area-chart arrows arrows-h arrows-v asl-interpreting assistive-listening-systems asterisk at audio-description automobile balance-scale ban bank bar-chart bar-chart-o barcode bars bath bathtub battery battery-0 battery-1 battery-2 battery-3 battery-4 battery-empty battery-full battery-half battery-quarter battery-three-quarters bed beer bell bell-o bell-slash bell-slash-o bicycle binoculars birthday-cake blind bluetooth bluetooth-b bolt bomb book bookmark bookmark-o braille briefcase bug building building-o bullhorn bullseye bus cab calculator calendar calendar-check-o calendar-minus-o calendar-o calendar-plus-o calendar-times-o camera camera-retro car caret-square-o-down caret-square-o-left caret-square-o-right caret-square-o-up cart-arrow-down cart-plus cc certificate check check-circle check-circle-o check-square check-square-o child circle circle-o circle-o-notch circle-thin clock-o clone close cloud cloud-download cloud-upload code code-fork coffee cog cogs comment comment-o commenting commenting-o comments comments-o compass copyright creative-commons credit-card credit-card-alt crop crosshairs cube cubes cutlery dashboard database deaf deafness desktop diamond dot-circle-o download drivers-license drivers-license-o edit ellipsis-h ellipsis-v envelope envelope-o envelope-open envelope-open-o envelope-square eraser exchange exclamation exclamation-circle exclamation-triangle external-link external-link-square eye eye-slash eyedropper fax feed female fighter-jet file-archive-o file-audio-o file-code-o file-excel-o file-image-o file-movie-o file-pdf-o file-photo-o file-picture-o file-powerpoint-o file-sound-o file-video-o file-word-o file-zip-o film filter fire fire-extinguisher flag flag-checkered flag-o flash flask folder folder-o folder-open folder-open-o frown-o futbol-o gamepad gavel gear gears gift glass globe graduation-cap group hand-grab-o hand-lizard-o hand-paper-o hand-peace-o hand-pointer-o hand-rock-o hand-scissors-o hand-spock-o hand-stop-o handshake-o hard-of-hearing hashtag hdd-o headphones heart heart-o heartbeat history home hotel hourglass hourglass-1 hourglass-2 hourglass-3 hourglass-end hourglass-half hourglass-o hourglass-start i-cursor id-badge id-card id-card-o image inbox industry info info-circle institution key keyboard-o language laptop leaf legal lemon-o level-down level-up life-bouy life-buoy life-ring life-saver lightbulb-o line-chart location-arrow lock low-vision magic magnet mail-forward mail-reply mail-reply-all male map map-marker map-o map-pin map-signs meh-o microchip microphone microphone-slash minus minus-circle minus-square minus-square-o mobile mobile-phone money moon-o mortar-board motorcycle mouse-pointer music navicon newspaper-o object-group object-ungroup paint-brush paper-plane paper-plane-o paw pencil pencil-square pencil-square-o percent phone phone-square photo picture-o pie-chart plane plug plus plus-circle plus-square plus-square-o podcast power-off print puzzle-piece qrcode question question-circle question-circle-o quote-left quote-right random recycle refresh registered remove reorder reply reply-all retweet road rocket rss rss-square s15 search search-minus search-plus send send-o server share share-alt share-alt-square share-square share-square-o shield ship shopping-bag shopping-basket shopping-cart shower sign-in sign-language sign-out signal signing sitemap sliders smile-o snowflake-o soccer-ball-o sort sort-alpha-asc sort-alpha-desc sort-amount-asc sort-amount-desc sort-asc sort-desc sort-down sort-numeric-asc sort-numeric-desc sort-up space-shuttle spinner spoon square square-o star star-half star-half-empty star-half-full star-half-o star-o sticky-note sticky-note-o street-view suitcase sun-o support tablet tachometer tag tags tasks taxi television terminal thermometer thermometer-0 thermometer-1 thermometer-2 thermometer-3 thermometer-4 thermometer-empty thermometer-full thermometer-half thermometer-quarter thermometer-three-quarters thumb-tack thumbs-down thumbs-o-down thumbs-o-up thumbs-up ticket times times-circle times-circle-o times-rectangle times-rectangle-o tint toggle-down toggle-left toggle-off toggle-on toggle-right toggle-up trademark trash trash-o tree trophy truck tty tv umbrella universal-access university unlock unlock-alt unsorted upload user user-circle user-circle-o user-o user-plus user-secret user-times users vcard vcard-o video-camera volume-control-phone volume-down volume-off volume-up warning wheelchair wheelchair-alt wifi window-close window-close-o window-maximize window-minimize window-restore wrench american-sign-language-interpreting asl-interpreting assistive-listening-systems audio-description blind braille cc deaf deafness hard-of-hearing low-vision question-circle-o sign-language signing tty universal-access volume-control-phone wheelchair wheelchair-alt hand-grab-o hand-lizard-o hand-o-down hand-o-left hand-o-right hand-o-up hand-paper-o hand-peace-o hand-pointer-o hand-rock-o hand-scissors-o hand-spock-o hand-stop-o thumbs-down thumbs-o-down thumbs-o-up thumbs-up ambulance automobile bicycle bus cab car fighter-jet motorcycle plane rocket ship space-shuttle subway taxi train truck wheelchair wheelchair-alt genderless intersex mars mars-double mars-stroke mars-stroke-h mars-stroke-v mercury neuter transgender transgender-alt venus venus-double venus-mars file file-archive-o file-audio-o file-code-o file-excel-o file-image-o file-movie-o file-o file-pdf-o file-photo-o file-picture-o file-powerpoint-o file-sound-o file-text file-text-o file-video-o file-word-o file-zip-o circle-o-notch cog gear refresh spinner check-square check-square-o circle circle-o dot-circle-o minus-square minus-square-o plus-square plus-square-o square square-o cc-amex cc-diners-club cc-discover cc-jcb cc-mastercard cc-paypal cc-stripe cc-visa credit-card credit-card-alt google-wallet paypal area-chart bar-chart bar-chart-o line-chart pie-chart bitcoin btc cny dollar eur euro gbp gg gg-circle ils inr jpy krw money rmb rouble rub ruble rupee shekel sheqel try turkish-lira usd won yen align-center align-justify align-left align-right bold chain chain-broken clipboard columns copy cut dedent eraser file file-o file-text file-text-o files-o floppy-o font header indent italic link list list-alt list-ol list-ul outdent paperclip paragraph paste repeat rotate-left rotate-right save scissors strikethrough subscript superscript table text-height text-width th th-large th-list underline undo unlink angle-double-down angle-double-left angle-double-right angle-double-up angle-down angle-left angle-right angle-up arrow-circle-down arrow-circle-left arrow-circle-o-down arrow-circle-o-left arrow-circle-o-right arrow-circle-o-up arrow-circle-right arrow-circle-up arrow-down arrow-left arrow-right arrow-up arrows arrows-alt arrows-h arrows-v caret-down caret-left caret-right caret-square-o-down caret-square-o-left caret-square-o-right caret-square-o-up caret-up chevron-circle-down chevron-circle-left chevron-circle-right chevron-circle-up chevron-down chevron-left chevron-right chevron-up exchange hand-o-down hand-o-left hand-o-right hand-o-up long-arrow-down long-arrow-left long-arrow-right long-arrow-up toggle-down toggle-left toggle-right toggle-up arrows-alt backward compress eject expand fast-backward fast-forward forward pause pause-circle pause-circle-o play play-circle play-circle-o random step-backward step-forward stop stop-circle stop-circle-o youtube-play 500px adn amazon android angellist apple bandcamp behance behance-square bitbucket bitbucket-square bitcoin black-tie bluetooth bluetooth-b btc buysellads cc-amex cc-diners-club cc-discover cc-jcb cc-mastercard cc-paypal cc-stripe cc-visa chrome codepen codiepie connectdevelop contao css3 dashcube delicious deviantart digg dribbble dropbox drupal edge eercast empire envira etsy expeditedssl fa facebook facebook-f facebook-official facebook-square firefox first-order flickr font-awesome fonticons fort-awesome forumbee foursquare free-code-camp ge get-pocket gg gg-circle git git-square github github-alt github-square gitlab gittip glide glide-g google google-plus google-plus-circle google-plus-official google-plus-square google-wallet gratipay grav hacker-news houzz html5 imdb instagram internet-explorer ioxhost joomla jsfiddle lastfm lastfm-square leanpub linkedin linkedin-square linode linux maxcdn meanpath medium meetup mixcloud modx odnoklassniki odnoklassniki-square opencart openid opera optin-monster pagelines paypal pied-piper pied-piper-alt pied-piper-pp pinterest pinterest-p pinterest-square product-hunt qq quora ra ravelry rebel reddit reddit-alien reddit-square renren resistance safari scribd sellsy share-alt share-alt-square shirtsinbulk simplybuilt skyatlas skype slack slideshare snapchat snapchat-ghost snapchat-square soundcloud spotify stack-exchange stack-overflow steam steam-square stumbleupon stumbleupon-circle superpowers telegram tencent-weibo themeisle trello tripadvisor tumblr tumblr-square twitch twitter twitter-square usb viacoin viadeo viadeo-square vimeo vimeo-square vine vk wechat weibo weixin whatsapp wikipedia-w windows wordpress wpbeginner wpexplorer wpforms xing xing-square y-combinator y-combinator-square yahoo yc yc-square yelp yoast youtube youtube-play youtube-square